Minneola Tangelo

original oil painting

4 x 6 inches
oil on panel

This is my loosest painting yet. It was quite fun to paint. Up till now I’ve avoided painting these tangelos because of their funny shape at the top. I’m always surprised when I am at the grocery store buying produce for still lifes at how many pears, for instance, I have to go through to find one that looks like a proper pear. A lot of fruit, if I painted it the way it actually looked, would look “wrong”. I often wonder what other shoppers think of me as I pick up an eggplant, look at from all angles then put it back and try again with the next one.

One Response to “Minneola Tangelo”

  1. This tangelo looks so real! And I like your (somewhat unusual) choice of pink for the background too. I’ve just started painting fruit, and I know exactly what you mean about studying produce at the grocery store, lol! 🙂

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